Talk to everyone,
without talking over everyone.

Simplify and consolidate all your conversations in one central place.



We call them channels; you'll have individual channels with each client and cleaner and group channels with all your cleaners.



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Everyone on your admin team can now see everything being said in every channel.



Monitor your client - cleaner chats and jump in if necessary.

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Client ⇄ Cleaner Chat

When you assign a cleaner to a booking we’ll create a channel between the client and the cleaner so they can chat with each other without having to give each other’s personal information.  You can monitor the chat and even jump in.  The client can chat from the Cleanetto Client App or from the Cleanetto Client Web App.

Client ⇄ Support team Chat

When a client creates a booking we’ll create a channel where they can chat with you and your support team.

Cleaner ⇄ Support team Chat

When you hire a cleaner we’ll create a channel between you and your admin team and your cleaner.  We’ll also add her to the general cleaner group chat where you can chat with all your cleaners as a group (for general announcements, for example).

Chat Skills

Cleanetto will post messages on your behalf to automate some of the standard communications.  For example, all the notifications your clients would receive by email will be sent as a chat message so you can keep a centralized place to keep all messages in one place.

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