Hey Margarita, this app is for you.

English? Spanish? French? Whatever your language your cleaning team speaks
now there's an app that speaks in their language.

See how the day looks like

Get an overview of how your day looks like as a timeline or view your cleanings on a map. easily see if there are notes, pictures, or tasks that you need to keep an eye out for.

View all the details of the cleaning

Get all the information you need to do a great job; from job details, to potential earnings, to tasks, notes and pictures. Add or updates notes and pictures.

Easily update the status of each cleaning

Go from "on my way" to "started" to "cleaning" in a breeze, with special processes for when you need to cancel a cleaning, when you are running late or when there's an access issue.


View and accept available jobs

See a list of available jobs you can grab and self-assign them to yourself if you want to take them.


Chat with your clients and with your company's support team.


See your ratings

View all the feedback your clients leave for you, including whether they left a tip.


View your earnings

Easily know how much money is coming your way with clear earnings reports.


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