From do this please to perfectly done, every time.

A complete task management infrastructure to make sure that you deliver what your clients expect of you, every time.


Create Tasks

You or your clients can create tasks as detailed as you want with any frequency and pictures.


View Tasks

Your cleaner will see the tasks that need to be done in the Cleanetto Cleaner app and will get a message if they finish cleaning but forgot to complete a task.


Review Tasks

Get a notification when a client submits a task to make sure it's something your team can do.


Monitor Tasks

If one of your cleaner forgets to complete a task you'll get a notification in your activity feed so you can catch problems before they become cancellations.

Create Tasks

You or your clients can create tasks (and even add pictures).  For example: “water my plants by the window every Friday”.

Task Alert

You’ll get an alert whenever a new task comes in to review and make sure it’s something your team can take care of.

Cleaner App View

Your cleaner will see a list of tasks that need to be done when she checks in to the home.  If she forgets to mark the task as done she’ll get a reminder before she checks out.


If your cleaner checks out without completing a task you’ll get notified in your activity feed to notify the client before it becomes a problem.


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