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Cleanetto's Guide to Making More 💰 From Your Website

Cleanetto's Guide to Making More 💰 From Your Website


A handy little guide

Improving your website is one of the easiest ways to make more money without spending more money. Why? Because you already have people coming to your website that are not converting into customers.

These website visitors are obviously looking for cleaning services (that's why they got to your website), they obviously know about you (your website is telling them that) and sure, some of them are turning into your customers, but not all. I'd bet you not even half of your website visitors turn into clients.

You paid for that traffic (somehow or another!), so whatever you can do to convert more visitors into customers is free money on the table. We made the guide below to help you take that money off the table.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why they are not turning into clients that are out of your control.

Your job is to make sure the ones that are ready are not turned off by your website. It's really that simple. "But what could turn them off, my website is great?" you might say.

Tons. Actually, it's more subtle than that. We put together this guide to help you think through that.

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Article created on:

June 19, 2020



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