Cleanetto's Guide to CRM Costs 💸

Cleaning business CRM costs vary widely. You can spend as little as $50/month to voer $500.

What drives the difference? Do you get a better system if you pay more?

Apples to Apples

Because different companies price their software based on different factors it's not easy to compare "apples to apples". Here's a little widget we made in Google Spreadsheets to do just that. Just copy it and plug in your numbers to see how much you would pay with each service.


Recently changed their pricing structure (so what you see below is the most updated pricing available here, although it's not up on their website yet).

The pricing varies by the number of jobs during the month. Features vary by pricing tier so you might be doing, for example, 90 jobs which would put you in the $149 tier, but you want auto-billing, or multi-locations, so you'd have to pay $249.


Their pricing varies by how many cleaners you have. It starts at $49 for one cleaner and goes up by $9 for each additional cleaner. The downside to this pricing structure is that on months where your cleaners are less busy (and your revenue is lower) you will still pay the same amount as when your cleaners are busier and your revenue is higher.


The pricing varies by the number of completed jobs during the month. All pricing tiers have the same features. There are two main tiers; $99 for up to 100 jobs and $249 for up to 250 jobs. For companies with over 250 completed jobs/month the pricing is $399.



CustomerFactor is the only software that has a flat rate, independent of how many cleaners, clients or jobs you have each month.

WorkWave Service (formerly ServiceCEO)

Pricing is not available on their website. After contacting them they requested a time to go over a demo to give pricing. After a 20 minute discovery call they quoted pricing.

The monthly cost is $119/office user and $19/cleaner. They require an annual agreement.


Jobber has three  pricing tiers: Core, Connect and Grow. Core doesn't really include much, it's a pretty barebones product offering, most businesses will likely need at least Connect. Connect is limited to 7 users (a user is an admin or a cleaner), if you go over that you need to get the Grow pricing.


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