Cleanetto's Guide to Cleaning CRM Software.

There are tons of tools out there to run your business. With the right tool you can grow your business, reduce mistakes


There are tons of tools out there to run your business. With the right tool you can grow your business, reduce mistakes and spend less time doing manual work.

But, with so many tools out there how can you compare them "apples-to-apples" and feel confident you are making the right choice?

First, develop a set of criterion. Then, find the alternatives that fit cleaning businesses needs best.

So let's jump right to it 💻

1. Criteria

The first step is to develop a set of criteria

Here's the 10 things you should be looking for when evaluating a new tool:

Ease of evaluation and sign up

How easy is it to evaluate and start using? How clear is the pricing structure? Can I get a good sense of how things work once I start using it? Can I sign up online and start using right away or do I need to schedule a demo? Do I need to enter a credit card to start using it? Is there a free trial period? If so, how long?

Look and feel

How does the product look like? Does it look professional? Does it look fresh? Are the interactions smooth? Is the way things work intuitive?

Feature set

These are the most common features found on residential cleaning CRM's:

Activity Feed
Client list
Client Profile
Cleaner List
Cleaner Profile
Cleaner Apps
Client Apps
Online Booking
Applicant Registration
Applicant Tracker
Feedback, Rating, Tipping


Who is behind the company. How big is the team? How are they funded? What's their product trajectory? Do they have a product roadmap? Do have transparency around their product roadmap and their uptime history?



How do they price their software? Does the price vary by the number of jobs? By the number of cleaners? Do all tiers include all features or do you have to pay for add ons?


How easy is it to resolve questions? Is there a well-developed help desk article base? Do they offer instant response by in-app chat?


2. Alternatives

Here are the most popular CRM's used by residential cleaning companies (in no particular order):

There are other "field services management" software out there, like HousecallPro, Jobber, ServiceMonster and on and on. We are not including them as alternatives here because while they can be used by residential cleaning companies, they are not made for residential cleaning companies.

Because they are made to serve a wide variety of verticals within the "field services" space, their feature set is more generic and less specific to the needs of cleaning companies in particular. So using HousecallPro for a running a recurring cleaning business would be a little like using a wrench to hammer a nail in the wall; you can do it but it's not the right tool for the job.


If you are considering another tool and want us to help you rate it, please let us know.

3. Comparisons

Here we compare some of the tools above in detail.

Zenmaid vs Cleanetto
Launch27 vs Cleanetto
BookingKoala vs Cleanetto
Jobber vs Cleanetto


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