Integrated Incentives for Your Cleaners

Want to know more about incentives?

How It Works

Incentives are a great way to keep your clients and cleaners happy. It reduces the reasons clients churn, those reasons are arriving late, not doing a good job, and canceling. Having higher performance in the business means there will be higher profits, so it’s great when you can share these profits with your cleaners. 

on-time incentive

Our incentive management system helps you align success metrics to your cleaners’ compensation.

You get to choose how much incentives are worth. You are in control of verifying incentives on the payroll.


Cleaners are notified of the incentives they receive in real time. Additionally, cleaners receive a nudge to encourage them to unlock further incentives, rather than cancelling or forgetting to check in.

Other Companies

Launch27 is focused on helping managers set up the business, but not on retaining cleaners. Their system currently has no mention of integrated rewards or incentives. 

BookinKoala is designed to support many types of businesses, but does not have an option to incentivize your cleaners based on success metrics. 

ZenMaid recommends checklists and training by your company to ensure proper cleaning. They also have a blog detailing end of the year bonuses as well as employee of the month recognition, while acknowledging that this process is not built into their software. How  does one ensure that cleaners show up on time and complete the right checkboxes? Hmm, but luckily Cleanetto has you covered here!

Cleanetto Promise

We are focused on the entire spectrum of your cleaning business. Not just marketing to new customers, but keeping clients and cleaners happy.

Cleaner-cancel-confirmation 1

We are here to reduce your work. By encouraging positive behaviors from cleaners like showing up on time, doing an excellent job and reducing cancellations your clients keep coming back and keep your client retention rate on the rise!

As experienced veterans of the cleaning business we know first hand how difficult it is to run your business, so we want to automate processes for you and increase your productivity. That is why we created incentives for your cleaners to be rewarded for success metrics and for you to hit more of your company targets. 


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