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You want to switch from Launch27? We hear this all the time, so we put together this article with information that other business owners in your shoes found helpful.

Lay of the land

Let's start with the lay of the land to get a sense of the options for CRM's that other cleaning companies use.

Field Service Management Software

First, you can get a general field services CRM like a Jobber or Housecall Pro or WorkWave.  These alternatives are really well-made and polished products. They are generally very stable, made by solid companies that add features and functionality often. They usually do a great job with technically-complex pieces of functionality, like live-tracking, for example, where doing it right requires a lot of engineering resources.

One downside of using this kind of product for your cleaning business is that because they are made for any field service company (like plumbers, electricians, snow removal, lawn care, etc) they don't have functionality that is helpful only to recurring cleaning companies. Yes, booking a cleaner and a plumber might be a "booking" but the nuts and bolts of managing that process is quite different.

For example, field services CRM's don't have a feature where you can "pause" a clients cleaning service for a period of time when they go on vacation and then unpause when they are back. Or they don't have things like incentive management for cleaners, that allows you to set incentives for behavior you want to see more of (like "add $3 to every cleaner who clocks in before their scheduled arrival time).

Another example is the post-service follow up. A plumber, for example, will want to get feedback after they fix a sink, but mostly, they want that customer to post a review online. A cleaning company, on the other hand, doesn't want to ask the customer for a review on Google after every cleaning; they want to get as much feedback as possible to make sure that when the cleaner goes again next week she does an even better job.

Some cleaning companies use these products when they are just starting out because they look like a shiny new thing, but once they start getting into the details of operating a cleaning business and start adding volume, the features in the cleaning industry-specific CRM's becoming much more important.

Cleaning-industry-specific CRM's

You can (and should!) use a CRM made specifically for cleaning businesses. The two most popular cleaning-industry specific ones are Zenmaid and Cleanetto. There are other smaller options like Customer Factor, Service Fusion, and BookingKoala.

Zenmaid does a great job and has many satisfied users but it has some important limitations for companies looking for an all-in-one solution.

Cleanetto is a much more complete product. For example, with Cleanetto you get a website, a CRM, an online booking form, an applicant website and form, an applicant tracking board, a client and cleaner app, an email, sms and postal mail marketing. You can read more about the differences between Cleanetto and Zenmaid in an article we made specifically comparing each of these tools here.

Now, let's dig deeper into Cleanetto as an alternative to Launch27.

Here’s how Cleanetto is different from Launch27.

You can keep your Stripe account 💳.

Forget about having to switch over to a third-grade processing company.  Stripe is the absolute gold-standard in credit card processing and will get even better over time. If you want to sell your business or change CRM's being on FullsteamPay will make both a lot harder to accomplish.

Instead, keep your Stripe account and connect it to Cleanetto to take advantage of the deepest integration of any cleaning CRM. Cleanetto is a Stripe Verified Partner (the only cleaning CRM that is also Stripe Verified). You can read more about our Stripe integration here.

The reports, dashboard and activity feeds are much nicer 📈.

Launch27's user interface is stuck in the early 2000s; it looked great back then but they haven't kept up with the improvements in user interface and user experience design.

Cleanetto is built using Material Design; the design language invented by Google and used by Android. The Dashboard shows the most important client, cleaner and event metrics with trends and pop ups to dig deeper.

The activity feed shows everything that's happening in your business in real time and, because Cleanetto uses Stripe Billing to manage your recurring cleaning billing (Stripe Billing is Stripe's product for recurring billing merchants, where you create a subscription and Stripe takes care of generating invoices and paying them), you can get data about your revenue operations in a way you've never seen it before to help you manage your business better.

It’s built from the ground up to manage recurring cleanings 🧹🧽🧹🧽.

Launch27 did a great job bringing online booking for the masses but they rested on their laurels. Their booking form (and their whole product) is based on single bookings. Cleanetto was built from the ground up to fit the needs of recurring cleaning companies with tools that make managing recurring service easier for both you and your clients.

Tools like pausing, tasks, billing, notifications, feedback and rating are all built with the recurring service use case first, not as an afterthought.

It’s an all-in-one system 🩱.

With Launch27 you need to get a wordpress site, buy a theme, find a guy to build it and connect it with your booking form, get and connect a Twilio account, get a convert27 account for sending emails, get a groovehiring account to manage your cleaning applicants,, and on and on and on. We get exhausted just researching all the things you have to put together. There's so much work to do to piece the whole thing together that there's even a guy who specializes in this!

Say goodbye to With Cleanetto, the whole thing just works; one company that provides all the tools your business needs. For the things we don't have, WE connect them for you.

We push updates weekly 🎁.

When was the last time Launch27 pushed an update? How did that go?

The best software companies improve their product over time so you keep getting a better value for your money.

Cleanetto publishes fixes, improvements and new features weekly. You can see our latest updates here.

We have a pretty ambitious product roadmap but we also have the resources and flexibility to customize the product based on your specific needs.

It's less expensive 💸.

This is the crazy part; for the tier that compares to Cleanetto (Pro), Launch27 charges $299, Cleanetto charges $249

If you want to go deeper, you can read our full in-depth Launch27 vs Cleanetto comparison here.

Article created on:

June 19, 2020



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