Need Cleaning Business Software? Look For These Features!

Technology has come a long way. Read on to learn more about features you should look out for when you’re trying to find cleaning business software!

Technology has come a long way, transforming business over the years. Digital transformation in particular has gone quite the distance over the past two years alone. While some businesses and industries haven't been as quick to jump on board where changes are involved, recent events have led them to depend on technology for their competitive edge to stay intact.

Business Gone Digital

All over the world, smartphones have become practically essential for people. They've also become more dependent on their computers, too. Aside from the usual avenues of entertainment and education, even the most basic of things like ordering food, hailing a ride or booking cleaning services are digital.

The business world has one unifying principle at this point: software that saves time, automates repetitive tasks and drives profits. There's also such a thing as scheduling software, which goes a long way especially for cleaning businesses.

Cleaning Business Software

General-purpose programs may be adequate for some needs, but there are plenty of needs specific to the cleaning industry. Sometimes, "jack of all trades" solutions just won't cut it-cleaning business management included. Make sure you're looking for software that cleaning industry professionals built! Aside from having all the functionalities you need, it will be optimized according to your maid service's industry of operation.

Read on to learn more about features you should look out for when you're trying to find cleaning business software:

Make Sure Your Cleaning Business Software Has Client Engagement

The whole point of a cleaning company is customer convenience. Needless to say, the management app should be able to push that forward as well. Clients should be able to:

  • Give feedback
  • Set up notification and alert preferences
  • Share online reviews
  • Update their contact information
  • Update their payment information

Make Sure Your Cleaning Business Software Has Job Scheduling Tools

Your favorite cleaning company app should have advanced scheduling features to help you better manage your business. With the help of such features, you can view the day’s jobs in such a way that they are broken down by teams and/or cleaners. It achieves that while also taking into account details about your clients and the overall job duration.

It's also great at affording efficiency and route density.

Make Sure Your Cleaning Business Software Has Staff Engagement

Any cleaning service management worth its salt has to have a comprehensive dashboard. It should be able to give employees convenient ways to do tasks such as:

  • Clock in for the day
  • Clock out for the day
  • Request days off or time-off
  • Upload doctor's notes or similar documents

This will allow you to have an overview of your entire team at any given time of the day with just a few taps or clicks.

The dashboard should provide a detailed look at their tasks for the day, such as time spent in transit, on breaks, and working. It would then reduce the amount of time they spend on these common administrative

tasks. In turn, it increases their overall job satisfaction and makes them more engaged with their surroundings.


People are more reliant than ever on technology nowadays. Advances have since been made in order for industries to remain competitive. One such innovation is cleaning business software. When trying to find one, watch out for key factors including staff engagement, client engagement and job scheduling tools.

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Lacy Lowe

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