Multi-Service: Cleanetto vs the competition

Learn more about how you can create multiple services to sell in your online booking form.

What is Multi-Service?

It's just a fancy word for the functionality that allows you to set different kinds of rates.

Many companies start with simple pricing, like charging $35/hour. Some companies want to offer different pricing structures to different clients. For example, some clients need a deep clean service, and you want to price that as an hourly job. Some clients want regular recurring service, and you might want to price that as a flat rate based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or by the size of the home.

Different CRM's offer different levels of functionality when it comes letting you set up your pricing structure and rates.


When looking at the Multi-Service functionality of a CRM you want to make sure that it gives you flexibility to offer:

  • different pricing structures
  • frequency discounts
  • location-based pricing
  • extras
  • multiple options
  • easy of set up
  • front-end experience

How the options stack up


In short: Zenmaid barely has any multi-service functionality, the rest do. Bookingkoala has the most robust but also the hardest to configure. Launch27's front end (the way the client sees the pricing and options) is stuck in the 1980's. Jobber is easy to configure but it doesn't offer online booking. Cleanetto hits the right balance between functionality and ease-of-use.


Launch27 has a decent level of granularity in terms of what pricing options you can offer but setting things up is not straightforward.


Zenmaid doesn't seem to be able to give you the ability to offer different pricing structures, only "hourly". For some reason it seems like the booking form is a separate component from the main software, almost like an after thought. There are no frequency discounts or location-based pricing or multiple service. It seems like Zenmaid doesn't have much of a Multi-Service functionality.


BookingKoala has a robust multi-service functionality, we think, but we haven't figured out how to set it up. Their settings page has so many things to configure, in a structure that may make sense to an engineer.


Jobber has a really easy-to-use interface. You can create different products but you can't create frequency discounts. Jobber also doesn't offer online booking so the price options are only for internal use.

How we look at this feature at Cleanetto

At Cleanetto, we built our Multi-Service functionality to be powerful, yet simple and flexible. You can offer three types of pricing structures:

  • By the hour
  • By the number of bedrooms and bathrooms (and extras)
  • By the size (and extras)

You can set different rates for each service type based on the frequency.  If you use our Multi-location feature you can have different service types with their own rates for each of your locations, so you could offer hourly pricing to your clients in Los Angeles and by the bed/bath for your clients in Miami.

You can have more than one service with the same service type; for example, you can charge hourly rates for two different types of services like regular cleaning and deep cleaning.  You can call the services whatever you want to make them more descriptive.

As with everything else billing-related, we handle all the communication with Stripe, so you don’t have to!  When you create your service types and set the rates, we’ll create the products in your Stripe account. When you (or your clients) create a booking, we’ll ask Stripe to create a Subscription (or an invoice if it’s a one-time booking).  You then have access to all your revenue metrics, including Monthly Recurring Revenue, Churn Rate, Average Lifetime Value, Average Revenue Per User, and so much more directly from Stripe’s Reporting or from our partners at Chartmogul. It’s automated and precisely where you need it.

Nathan Lowe

👋 I'm Nathan - the director of content for Cleanetto. After learning how to automate two cleaning businesses I want to teach you how to do the same without losing your hair.

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