Top 7 Cleaning Business Websites

7 examples of the cleanest cleaning business websites ever created.

Cleaning websites are typically cluttered with inconsistent call-to-actions, poor branding, and messaging that makes you cringe. Some cleaning websites even make you feel like you're back in the dial-up days, "Keeeeyyy errrrr beeeep ong dee ong waaahhh urrrrrr"

Not these cleaning websites...

The following 7 examples are some of the cleanest cleaning business sites ever created. As you navigate through each one you'll notice some common features like online booking, lead magnets, and simple, but informative, copywriting.

Eh! Maids

Toronto | CA

The name is so 'Punny.' But it's the navigation bar for me. You don't even need to scroll to get to the pages you're looking for. Having a quick way for visitors to contact you could mean the difference in converting or letting your competitor get the sale.


Bristol | UK

This site is one of the few cleaning websites that I have found that merges residential and commercial cleaning seamlessly. Their commercial cleaning service page is extremely informative, but not too wordy.

Maid Marines

New York | NY

It's amazing how you can get all the answers you need just from their home page. Yelp gets a ton of traffic in New York (their service area) and they know it. That's why they focused their efforts on obtaining reviews from Yelp and then sprinkled them throughout their site.  Plus their checklist is extremely detailed.

Maids in Black

Washington D.C.

Special shoutout to the man, Rohan Gilkes, who started the online booking trend with a single Reddit post. This guy is the cleaning business guru and an entrepreneurial genius. His "Help" page is unmatched. It offers leads a quick answer to the questions they're likely thinking. And gives customers an easy way to resolve their issues without contacting their staff.

Merit Maids

Denver | CO

The cleanest site on the market. Merit Maids focused on relating to their services by offering an extremely clean experience. Notice the amount of "white space" throughout the site and how there aren't big blocks of text cluttering the pages.

Simply Maids

Sydney | AU

Love websites that communicate their core values. When you navigate to their About Us page you get a clear picture of how they can help their target market and bio's of their cleaners.

Superb Maids

Las Vegas | NV

Sooooo much excellent content. This Las Vegas-based cleaning company does an amazing job of incorporating plenty of video content to help build trust with their leads. The owner, Elena, is extremely well-spoken and provides a hand for her leads to hold as they navigate her site.

There's plenty of other sites out there that might be even better than the ones listed. Our goal is to give you some inspiration to build or improve your own cleaning business site.

At Cleanetto, we spent some time breaking down a handful of cleaning business websites to try and help them increase their conversions. Check them out here.

Let me know if you think your site is a good candidate for this list and I'll get it added.

Nathan Lowe

👋 I'm Nathan - the director of content for Cleanetto. After learning how to automate two cleaning businesses I want to teach you how to do the same without losing your hair.

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