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cleaner assignment
All your cleaners will get a notification on their app when a new client books with all the booking info relevant to them . Whoever "claims" it gets the booking assigned to them.
access issue
If your cleaner can't access a home she can trigger a notification to your client who then has 10 minutes to resolve.
time limit threshold
If your cleaner is approaching the time limit in the booking your client will get a notification asking if more cleaning time is approved. If not approved your cleaner will automatically be punched out at the time limit.
cleaner cancellation
Instead of "calling in sick" your cleaners click "cancel" on an event card in the app. That triggers a notification to the client who can chose to add the time to the next visit, get a credti, or ask for a backup.
late arrival
If your cleaner is running late she can let the client know by selecting an updated arrival time. Your client gets a notification.
Instead of canceling and then restarting, clients can "pause" their service, setting a pause start and pause end dates during which they don't get charged.
Clients can skip days if they don't need service on a specific day. They don't get a credit/refund for skipping if it's done past the start of their cycle.
Clients can cancel in the app. Before cancelling Cleanetto will ask to share their reason for cancellation and feedback and offer them a 'churn prevention" offer.
incomplete tasks
You'll be notified if your cleaner finishes cleaning a home and doesn't check the checkboxes of tasks assigned to that day so you can follow up and increase client ratings.
feedback, rating and tip request
Clients can rate their service, add feedback and give a tip from the app. The tip gets automatically added to the timesheet and the cleaner gets notified.
subscription billing
We handle all subscription-related billing like creating invoices, creating payments, tracking invoice status, failed charge management and so on.
payroll processing
Cleanetto provides upload-ready timesheet files with all the information you need to easily run payroll with any payroll provider.
missed punch
You'll be notified when Cleanetto notices an unusually long open punch so you can look into it and fix if it's the result of a cleaner forgetting to punch out.
cleaner incentives
Offer incentives to encourage the behavior any successful cleaning company needs like on time arrival, no cancellations and five star ratings. All incentives are tracked and applied automatically.