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Our overarching passion is to help develop meaningful relationships between business owners, their clients and employees. We do this by building thoughtful pieces of technology with that one goal in mind.

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Our Philosophy

Be Simple
Don't build because you can, build because clients can't live without it.
Be Open
Don't replicate functionality that others do better.
How things look is as important as how they work.
Be Innovative
We'll never say "This is good enough".
Be Kind
Always consider everyones view point.
Be Honest
Trust is the most valuable commodity.
"Cleanetto helped improve our revenue with 45% growth over the last 8 months. Could't be more satisfied!"
Monica Richards, Sr. Director of Sales

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How Cleanetto started

In 2005, a few months after arriving in NYC, I wasn’t happy with the way my clothes were being cleaned.  I thought I could do it better and so I started a laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery service called Slate.  I made a website, partnered with an eco-friendly cleaning facility and started picking up clothes in my bicycle.

A year in, I built a state-of-the-art dry cleaning facility (coincidentally, Rent the Runway, the dress rental company started out of our facility!). When the recession hit in 2008 I wondered what else could I sell to our customers who already trusted us with their clothes. I thought we could pair their clothes cleaning service with a home cleaning service and have our cleaner clean their home and put away the clothes we just returned.

Not long after one of our investors asked us

"Why can’t you come clean my home every single day, just as if I was living in a hotel?”

I said

“I don’t see a reason why we can’t, let’s start next Monday.”

That was the beginning of our signature daily cleaning service.  To this day, we are the only company that provides this kind of daily cleaning service.

Throughout these wonderful 15 years we built our own internal tool to manage the two businesses.  From the piece that allowed clients to book a pickup, or book a cleaning service, or book both, to the pieces that allowed us to make the whole magic work (like coordinating the drop off of the clothes with the arrival of the cleaner), we built the tools we needed without asking anyone for anything.

In 2019 we lifted our heads from our computers and ventured out to see what tools other cleaning companies used to manage their business.  What we found surprised us; the choices were .  The existing cleaning-specific CRM’s seemed stuck in 20 years ago.  The newer CRM’s built by well-financed companies didn’t seem to care about focusing on this vertical.  That was our opening.

So here we are, a million dollars in and five million cleanings later. We are here to stay, with no agenda other than to build the absolute finest tool to run a recurring cleaning business.