$3.00 por coche
No set up fees
No hardware fees
Includes all payment processing transaction fees
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Includes all Valetto features:

Delight Guests

Reduce lost ticket anxiety making it a breeze to pay and retrieve.

Empower Attendants

Source, hire, train, pay and manage with a few clicks.

Manage Easily

Detailed activity history, reports, dashboard, analytics and more.

Collect More

Accept all cards, Apple Samsung, Google Pay and ACH.

Questions and answers

Is there a minimum contract term?
No, use Valetto as long as you need and cancel anytime.
Do you provide hardware?
No; Valetto attendant, supervisor and manager apps are all web and app based and can be accessed from any phone, tablet or computer so you can chose exactly what devices you want to use.
How often do I get deposits in my account?
We deposit into your bank account the amount collected, minus our fee, every weekday.
Is there training available?
Sure! We don't think you'll need much help setting things up because it's so easy and intuitive but we'll be happy to help set you up if needed.