Set expectations and ensure consistency with every cleaning. Use our pre-loaded checklists or customize yourself

What is this?

Fully customizable checklist feature that allows you to make as many checklists as your heart desires. Add task descriptions to every item on your cleaning checklist. Attach these customized cleaning checklists to their corresponding service and track their progress.

Why did we build it?

Implementing checklists is a small, very effective, tool for mitigating the risk of quality complaints. It helps your cleaners remember what's included in each service and allows your customers to track their progress - in real-time! When your customers ask, "what's included?" answer their concern with a beautifully organized, virtual checklist for every service your cleaning business offers.

What can you do with it?

This powerful feature is limitless! You can build out custom checklists with specific descriptions for every task. Use our default checklists that was developed by polling thousands of cleaning businesses. Choose who can see each checklist and when. Share them with your customers to monitor their cleaning status. Check off every task as they're completed on a mobile-friendly app. Add photos to tasks that they were unable to complete.

How is it different than others?

Tired of dealing with checklists that aren't compatible with a mobile app and desktop? Are you currently using a "workaround" (that took forever to implement) for your checklists? Cleanetto offers a user-friendly, automated experience that gives you full authority over its capabilities.

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