Know who your best cleaners are, at a glance, with an automated customer scoring system.

What is this?

A uniquely designed algorithm, that you can customize, for rating your cleaners. Discover your most valuable cleaners and which team members need improvement. We developed a unique algorithm that will tell you which cleaners are your most valuable players and which cleaneres need imprvement. We score your cleaners on factors like:

  • client rating
  • quantity of active bookings
  • average tip
  • number of cancellations
  • percentage of clients who tip
  • on time arrival percentage

We then let you decide how much each factor weighs for you and then give every cleaner a Cleanscore which is automatically updated as the factors change. You can see the Cleanscore everywhere you see the cleaner; in his/her profile, when assigning a cleaner to a booking, etc. Your clients can also see a profile of their cleaner and their Cleanscore.

Why did we build it?

As your teams grow, you need an easy way to monitor who needs some special attention and who is crushing it. Making this judgement based on customers' feedback alone is not fair to your cleaners. That's why we developed a system that monitors up to 8 metrics to build a well-rounded view of each team member's quality.

What can you do with it?

Items like average customer feedback, on-time Arrival, the quantity of feedback, and average tip are some of the factors that make up the total Cleanscore. Adjust the weight of each metric to fit what your companies values in a team member. Use each Cleanscore as a basis to either help team members improve or validate a decision to hire a better cleaner. Grow your dream cleaning team based on facts instead of gut feelings.

How is it different than others?

There's nothing on the market like it. Most companies allow customers to rate their teams on a simple 5-star scale. Our unparalleled system was built by a data scientist who helped us compile countless complex data points to give us a simple view of each team member's merit.

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