How It Works

Cleanetto is easy to use for even the least tech-savy clients and cleaners yet powerful enough for the most demanding cleaning business ops requirements.

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Create a booking internally or have your clients create it on your website.

Booking Received ✉️

Your clients will get a notification by email confirming you got their booking request and that they will get another email once a cleaner has been assigned.

New Booking

You'll get an immediate notification that a booking has been created so you and your team can see all the details and assign a cleaner. We'll automatically create a customer and an invoice or subscription in your Stripe account.


Assign a cleaner to a booking and Cleanetto will create the events in your Calendar.

Booking Confirmed 🎉

Your client will get an email with their cleaners name and the start time so they know who and when to expect them.

Manual or Auto Assign

You can chose to assign a cleaner manually or have cleaners "grab" bookings from their app as they come in.


Knowing information about the cleaning is as important as the cleaning itself.

Margarita is on her way 🏃

Your clients will get a notification with updated arrival times by email, sms and push notification so they always know what's happening.

Up-to-the-minute info, all day.

You'll be able to monitor every change of status in your Activity Feed; from cleaners heading to clients homes, starting cleaning, finished cleaning and exceptions.


Great relationships are built on great communications skills. Make it easy for your clients to praise your good work and give you feedback when you fall short.

How did Margarita do?

Give your clients an easy way to rate their Keeper and give you specific performance feedback.

Find blind spots

Use the Satisfaction Report to view all your client feedback and pinpiont which cleaners are doing great and which need more attention.

Verify and Pay

Make payday easy.

Three-click payroll

Review your Timeshseet report, download the CSV file and import to your payroll processing company for an easy pay day.