Integrate Stripe with Cleanetto

The only Stripe-verified cleaning CRM, (and the best).

Cleanetto is the only Stripe Verified Cleaning CRM Partner.

Leverage Stripe's Billing functionality

Cleanetto powers your revenue operations by leveraging Stripe’s Billing functionality.  Stripe Billing is Stripe’s product for recurring billing businesses. 

There are other cleaning business CRM’s that utilize Stripe to make charges but none utilize Stripe’s Billing functionality.

Companies like Zenmaid use your Stripe account as a dumb credit card terminal; literally "swiping the card" every time you do a cleaning. That's such a wasted opportunity.

Companies like Launch27 used to do it the same way, until they were bought by a company that offers credit card processing and switched to that credit card processor. Housecall Pro and Jobber use their own Stripe account, not yours.

Cleanetto is the only cleaning CRM that uses your Stripe account and uses Stripe's billing functionality.

Why is this important?

It's a game-changer because:

1. it will take care of subscription billing for you.

For example, if a client signs up for a weekly 3-hour cleaning, Cleanetto will create a subscription for 3 hours at your hourly rate every Wednesday. Every Wednesday Stripe will create an invoice and charge that invoice to the card on file.

this is how a subscription looks like; you can see the upcoming invoice as well as all previous invoices.

2. it will give you an insight into your business like you have never seen it before.

Do you know what your average revenue per customer is? How about your Customer Lifetime Value? Or how long an average customer stays with you before they cancel? Or how many of the customers that signed up in August 2019 are still clients 2 months later? 3 months later?

The level of visibility into your business is really like nothing you have ever seen and with that data you can run your business better. You can align your team around certain metrics. You can set goals for yourself.

Using Chartmogul you can see all your subscription metrics.

How it works

1. Connect Stripe to your Cleanetto account.

2. Create your pricing Structure in Cleanetto. Cleanetto will create matching products in Stripe.

3. When clients book on your Cleanetto online booking form, Cleanetto will create customer, payment and subscription records in Stripe.

4. If your pricing is based on a per hour basis, at the end of the billing cycle Cleanetto will calculate if the time worked is longer than the time booked and add the difference as an additional item in the following invoice.

Here's what else Cleanetto does with your Stripe account

When clients pause their service, Cleanetto will apply a 100% Paused discount to the invoices created during the paused period.

When clients cancel their service, Cleanetto will cancel their subscription in Stripe.

After a client billing cycle finishes, Cleanetto will compare the number of hours booked vs number of hours worked. If there were more hours worked than booked, Cleanetto will create an invoice in Stripe for the difference.

If a client books a one time service, Cleanetto will create a single invoice (if the client has a card on file, Stripe will charge it, otherwise Stripe will email the invoice for online payment).