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A feature-rich CRM to manage all your cleaners.

Time &

Geo-tagged and identity-verified time-stamps with weekly reports.

Gusto Integration

Run payroll in three clicks with our payroll partner integration; download time and attendance, upload to Gusto, review and pay.


Incentivize behavior that drives your business forward, all done automatically with pre-built bonuses for arriving on-time, not cancelling jobs, and receiving five-star ratings.


A complete, up-to-the-minute view of what's happening with every cleaner.


One-on-one chat with any cleaner and a company-wide chat room to make announcements to everyone.


Know where every cleaner is at any time. Cleaners are tracked from the start of their first job to the end of their last job.


Think of it as a report card with a grade for every cleaner on all key metrics. See who your best cleaners are and who needs a nudge.

Hire cleaners

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Attract clients

Smart sequences, Website, Booking Engine, Client Marketplace
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Service clients

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