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Built on top of the most trusted tech stack.

Don’t expect to grow your recurring cleaning business without a tool made specifically to do that.

The problems cleaning company owners deal with the most boil down to doing things manually— different people jotting info in different places and moving it from one system to another. That makes things easy to miss and hard to find, which leads to communication gaps, preventable emergencies, and extra work.
Most field service software programs can't fix these problems — they are either too generic, too complicated, or simply incomplete.

Cleanetto is different because it’s built specifically to attract and service recurring cleaning clients (and single-use clients!).
You are not only leaving thousands of dollars on the table by using inadequate systems; it's difficult to grow beyond just managing the basics.

Your problem is not finding clients, it's keeping them. How big would your business be if you kept all the clients you found?

Cleanetto is the only CRM built for recurring cleaning. 

You can't build a recurring relationship by just offering a 20% discount on a weekly basis. The entire business model needs to revolve around relationships.

Cleaning a home once is easy. Attracting, retaining, and growing relationships with both clients and cleaners takes a special kind of software to do well.  The tone, tools, and processes all need to be built with that one goal in mind (without alienating single-use clients).
Cleanetto uses automation to do the heavy-lifting for you so you do less work while problems manage themselves. You can see everything happening in real time and jump in when needed.
Cleanetto has all the features you need from hiring and managing cleaners to attracting and servicing clients. Online booking, applicant tracking, chat, timesheets, native apps- the works.  And, it's built to help make your preferred payroll and accounting methods a cinch.
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Built on top of the most trusted tech stack, like Amazon Web Services, Twilio, Stripe, and Sendgrid.

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Double bookings
Busy work
Transferring dates between different systems
Follow up
Cleaner turnover rates


Recurring clients
Five-star testimonials
Cleaner satisfaction
Customer trust
On-time arrival
Customer loyalty


"Where are you?"
"Is our cleaner nearby?"
"The client is not home."
"She didn't clean X."
"What exactly is going on in my business right now?"
"What does the client need me to do in her home?"
"The client hasn't paid."

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