Finally, a CRM that actually helps you keep your recurring cleaning clients for longer.

Everything you need to manage your cleaning business. Stupidly easy to use, even if you’re not too tech savvy.

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The problem

Your next client has 300 cleaning companies to chose from.

The average city has about 300 cleaning companies.
Why should they pick yours? Why should your existing clients not switch to one of them?

We help you make your cleaning service standout - Better experience for clients and much less management work for you!

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It's very hard (and expensive) to get new clients.

Cleaning is a very competitive market with very little to differentiate on.

You'll never be able to beat the Yelps and Thumbtacks at the online acquisition game.
Clients have so many choices and it's hard for them to differentiate the top picks.
You are too busy managing your business so you can't spend more time getting new clients.
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It's sooo easy to lose clients.

With so much competition, one slip up and your client is gone, on to the next cleaning company.

clients are constantly bombarded with offers from other cleaning co's.
there are no switching costs for them; they can just book someone else online in 60 seconds.
you can drop the ball or things can fall through the cracks because you don't have good systems.
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This is the solution

Here's The Fix: Have 1 Solution To Manage Your Entire Business

(That's Designed To Manage & Retain Your Clients)

Most cleaning companies fail because they can’t keep their clients.
Run your business with the only software built to keep your recurring clients longer.

Extending your client lifetime is the least expensive, most sustainable (and enjoyable!) way of growing your business.

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Get started

Here’s how we’ll do this together

Step #1

First, we'll make it really easy for clients to try your service out.

Roll out the red carpet with an SEO-optimized website.
Create a killer impression with a custom-branded online booking form
Set your team up for success by getting tasks and preferences before they even step in the house.
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“We went from mom-and-pop to professional in literally 10 minutes.”

Michelle W

Step #2

Then we'll help you give them a stellar experience.

Keeping them updated automatically throughout the process with email and SMS notifications.
Letting them chat with you and their cleaner so they feel empowered to make the best out of the relationship.
We'll even send automated messages to nudge them to engage.
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“Our clients want to use our service more often because they feel they are in control of their cleaning.”

Michelle W


Step #3

While we are at it, we'll help you reduce mistakes & automate most tasks!

With smart alerts so you keep ahead of problems before they happen.
By automating common workflows, like lock outs, so you know things are done right the first time, every time.
We'll reduce your workload by keeping track of cleaner hours so you can pay them with three clicks.
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“Payday used to take 3 hours every week, now it takes 3 clicks”

Michelle W

Step #4

And finally, we’ll help you turn them into loyal advocates of your brand

Incentivize clients with a kick-ass loyalty program
We'll ask for the feedback (not just reviews) after every cleaning
Your cleaners will get rated so you can identify underperformers

👉 Identify unhappy clients before they leave you and identify underperforming cleaners.

Try Cleanetto Instead

“Our website gets new positive reviews from real customers every day, without us having to do a thing.”

Michelle W

You have 10 or even 100s of clients who might leave you soon, let's fix their experience now.

Is it rocket science? No, it’s just not as sexy as doing ads and such. Will we turn you into an overnight success? No, but you will see solid, steady growth, and no one will be able to take your clients away.

If you are not creating stronger connections you are not setting yourself up for success. Clients that have a strong connection:

don’t churn

are more understanding of mistakes and will work with you to improve


Don’t chase discounts


Are not afraid of price increases

Sell your service for you

These are reviews from clients of companies that are already creating stronger connections. When will YOU start creating stronger connections with your clients?

Switching is easy

Go From Sign Up To Booking
Cleanings < 5mins

You can import client list from other CRM's (and/or we’ll help you do it)

The product is easy to use - designed to be intuitive, not make you watch “how to” videos.

Support replies within 5 minutes by chat- Never get stuck without getting help!.

Free 7 day trial.

No contracts, cancel at any time.

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