Our $100,000,000 Promise to You

To all current and future Cleanetto users,

We know how frustrated you may be feeling from being forced to switch over from Stripe to Fullsteam Pay.  

We think that forcing this kind of change is not only bad for customers but also bad business practice.

You work hard every day to build your business; you need a CRM that supports that,
without the anxiety that you’ll be forced to change horses mid-stream.

That’s why today we are making a commitment to you: 

we’ll never ask you to move away from Stripe  

Even if Fullsteam, or any other potential investor, comes knocking on our door and offers us $100,000,000, we will not sell if it means you’ll need to move away from Stripe.  Not for that amount, not for any amount.

We are making this commitment not only to you, but to Stripe as well.  Stripe is the gold standard in digital payments and subscription management, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  

As the only Stripe-verified CRM software for cleaning companies, we are doubling down on our commitment to build the best product for you on the best payments platform. 

We think this is both good for you and good business practice.

Build on with confidence.

Miguel Zabludovsky
CEO | Cleanetto Technologies Inc.