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Rich user profiles.

Client Apps for
iOS and Android

A best-in-class native app customized with your branding.


A complete task management infrastructure that allows users to enter tasks and you to translate them, communicate them to cleaners, and make sure they get done.


A complete look at what's going on in real-time with any client.

(feedback + rate + tip)

Automatically request feedback, a rating and give the user the option to tip their cleaner after every job. Analyze the feedback to see trends and publish the glowing reviews directly to your website.


Complete control to set your rate structure whether you charge by the hour, by number of beds and baths, or by size. Set up subscriptions for recurring clients with automatic failed-charge follow ups.

Accounting Integrations

Connect your Cleanetto account to our partner accounting system to have all your revenue post automatically.


See key metrics.

Hire cleaners

Applicant tracking, Onboard, Train, Cleaner Marketplace
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Manage cleaners

CRM, Time and attendance , Payroll Integration, Incentives, Feed, Chat, Track, Scorecard
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Attract clients

Smart sequences, Website, Booking Engine, Client Marketplace
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