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Only 2 of every 10 website visitors are ready to buy on their first visit.

What are you doing to get the business of the other 8?

You know they need their home cleaned.  You know they know about you.  They are just not ready to sign up right now.  What are you doing to keep their interest so that when they are ready to sign up, you are the first name that comes to mind?

Well, you are going to email them, of course!
With a properly run lead nurturing program you should be able to convert about half of those 8.  That’s another 4 website visitors turned into clients.  That’s 3x your current conversion rate (2 vs 6).  That’s free money (you already paid to get those visitors to your website) 💰.

The traditional way


$800 email expert/copy editor
$1,500 content production

$70 ActiveCampaign/Mailchimp
$25 postcards

Sign up for any email marketing program like Mailchimp or Active Campaign.
Find an email marketing expert to help you figure out how many emails to send, how often and what each one should have.
Find copy-writer to write, edit and proof-read the content of each email.
Build the sequence in the program.
Get technical help if you get stuck. 
Test it on every mail client to make sure it displays correctly.

Monitor every week.

Sounds like a lot of work? It is The worst part? Even if you do it all, you’ll still be at a disadvantage to another company that uses experts to build and manage their lead nurturing sequence improving over time and sending using multiple channels.

👉 ou can be that company save a ton of money and start converting more leads into clients, today.

Introducing Cleanetto’s
Lead Nurture SmartSequence

They are sequences as in:

They are smart because unlike regular email marketing, they are:


When a website visitor enters their info on your website but doesn’t book a lead record is created in your CRM and they enter the lead nurture journey.  When they finally book their status is changed to Active and they leave the nurture journey.  No need to connect your CRM to your email marketing program; it’s already connected.


Starts sending as soon as your visitor becomes a lead and keeps sending until they book.


The email content is, well, content. Like, a guide on what to look for in a cleaning company.  It’s based on giving, as opposed to asking.  The content builds on the best-practices of inbound marketing and is  customized to your company.


Every week, our in-house marketing expert reviews the data across all accounts and makes experiments to improve conversion rates.  Does a subject line with “free” get more opens or less? Is changing the sender from a person to the company get more replies, or less?  Instead of getting stale over time, the most important metrics of your campaign improve.


Your leads receive emails and physical postcards so your message gets through no matter where they are and each channel reinforces the other.


In your dashboard you can see up-to-the-minute metrics to answer questions like “How many of my leads converted this month?” and “How long does it take for the average lead to convert?”.

The Cleanetto Lead Nurture SmartSequence way


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