"No thanks, I'll build my own."

The perfect cleaning website?

Most people don’t know what the perfect cleaning website should look like, so they buy a template.

But who makes those templates? A graphic designer? He has no idea about the cleaning industry.  A cleaning industry insider? He has no idea about what works best to convert online visitors into clients.
That’s why most website templates are either bland and outdated or ineffective, or both.

Your website is your storefront, your front door.  Whether you like it or not, your potential clients will judge you by your website.  When they land on your site they are asking themselves “Can I trust them? Will they do a good job?”.

How will you answer?

Getting it right is not rocket science but it requires experience, skill, time and money. Should the buttons say “book now” or “get started”? What type of pictures works best? Should we put in testimonials? How many? Where should they go?

Before you know it you are spending more time on your website than on your business.  And nothing guarantees you that your little website project will be effective at what it needs to do: convert a complete stranger into a new client.


There's an easier (and more effective) way of doing this.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Our team of industry experts, graphic designers, and user experience engineers have learned what works and what doesn't after having researched thousands of cleaning company websites.  

Rather than put together a scholarly piece or a blog article (well, we didn't write a few blog articles about this), they put their findings into a template. The perfect cleaning company website template.  

They figured out how the wheel turns, so you don’t have to reinvent it..

The Product

The anatomy of the perfect cleaning website.
Here's an example of a cleaning company using our template with an explanation of each section.


Your navigation should contain your logo (in the upper left-hand side), a few commonly-access links and a call-to-action button on the right hand side. Why? Because that's where your visitors expect them to be and if they are not there they start getting confused, which is the fastest way to turn them off.


This is your most prime real estate. It's the corner lot on Main Street. It's also what your visitors see before they start scrolling. This is your opportunity to a) tell them they are in the right place and start building their trust. You do this with a) an attention-grabbing, succinct headline that positions your service in a unique angle, b) an image that reinforces your headline (ideally a picture of your team in your uniform) and c) makes it very clear what their next step is; book now.


If you think building trust as pushing a rock up a mountain the logo bar is a little break in the vertical rise; you are letting others do the heavy-lifting for you. Logos from media companies that may have features you, or awards your business may have won all help reinforce "you can trust us".

What is...

Ok, you have their attention now. They know they are in the right place, they feel like they can sort of start trusting you. "Pull up a chair, let me tell you a bit more..." Give me the "elevator pitch" about your company. Tell me how it's different from other companies and how my life looks like with it.

Why People...

Ok so you told them your story; now have others tell it in their own words. Here you use testimonials in a surgical, methodical way to buttress your case. Each testimonial highlights the ways in which you say you are different (and better) than the alternatives they are considering.

How it works...

Obviously, people know how cleaning works. I pay you, you clean. But, do I get the same cleaner every time? Can I give the cleaner specific instructions? In this section you answer 80% of the questions most visitors have about how it works.


If your visitors made it through to this section they are most likely interested, curious, intrigued possibly even sold, but thinking "hmm, what else they got?". Well, we got all sorts of things; we have amazing cleaners, great technology excellent support. Here you give them more details on each of the reasons for why your clients love you.


"Wait! Is this too good to be true? I KNOW not all cleaners are great." We thought you'd never ask! You'll need to address specific objections but let's start with addressing any objection generally; not happy? we'll make it right.

Are you looking...

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Have questions...

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Stop looking for...

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Footer change

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But wait, there's more.

Your home page is the most visited page, but not the only page visitors see.
Here are the other important pages in your website, all included in the Cleanetto Website Template.

Cleaning for...

These are the individual vertical-specific pages with more information made specifically for each audience so rather than saying "I clean commercial spaces" you speak to your audience in more personal terms which results in the audience thinking "wow, this is exactly what I'm looking for."


The only reason visitors visit your About page is to learn more about you. That means your story, your team, your why. No stock photos here, no blabber babble. Pour your heart out; tell your story the way you would answer someone who asked at a dinner party "What do you do? How did you get into that?"

Join the team

This is where your potential cleaners will land. Ther purpose of this page is two-fold: sell them on the job and get their lead information


Your blog is the place where you can communicate with your current and future clients and is a great place to improve your SEO game.

Book now

While the template.


You could spend thousands of dollars on a web "guy" or "girl" plus a few months of back and forth with him (or her), and still not get the perfect website.
Or you can chose one of these two options and be up and running today.


Buy outright

Pay once and get en unlimited use license to use your template forever.


Rent it

With a low monthly payment you can get the best cleaning website template to use when you need it.


Frequentyl Asked Questions

Can’t I just build this myself?

You could find a designer, give them the link to this page and tell them “build me that”.  They’ll take a few weeks, it won’t be exactly the same (it might not even be close to the same), and they’ll charge you an arm and a leg (because building this from scratch is not easy).  Or, you could just buy this template now and have the perfect website in 10 minutes.

Will I own my website?

If you buy the template outright, the template is yours to use and modify however you want, forever.  If you chose the monthly payment option you are buying a limited time use license that allows you to use the template as long as your monthly subscription is active.

Can I make changes to the website myself?

Of course; the template is the base on top of which you will build your own brand.  You can edit everything; from the content to the images.

Do I need to use Cleanetto to be able to use this template?

No; you can use any software to run your business with this template as the front end.  You will probably want to connect the lead generation fields to both your CRM (if it lets you create leads) and to your online booking form.

Do I need a Webflow account?

Yes; the template is made on and for Webflow.

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