Cleanetto History

a.k.a. "the long and winding road".

May 2005

Miguel quit his first job out of high school to launch a “pick up and delivery laundry service” in NYC, picking up clothes on his bicycle. Make software to optimize delivery routes.

February 2006

Wall Street Journal seemingly legitimizes such business (in a weird twist of fate, we are co-featured along an actual house cleaning business).

June 2007

Open first dry cleaning facility in the West Village of Manhattan.  Make software to track clothes throughout the cleaning process.

October 2008

💥 Boom, recession hits. What else can we sell to people who trust us with their clothes? Let’s send them a cleaner.  Make software to manage cleaner scheduling.

March 2009

Launch daily house cleaning service so clients can get the same service they get in a hotel, at home. Make software to manage daily cleaning schedules and cleaner routing.

June 2012

Go mobile. Make software for clients to view and update their clothes and home cleaning status on their phones.

May 2017

Close dry cleaning to focus on house cleaning. And on making software.


On our way to becoming the #1 software for cleaning companies, helping them create stronger connections with their clients and cleaners.

Cleanetto Team

The people behind our company

How Cleanetto started

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Our values

Company culture, or "how we do things around here".

Be simple

Don't build because you can, build because clients can't live without it


How things look is as important as how they work

Be open

Don't replicate functionality that others do better.

Be Kind

Always consider everyones view point.