Jobber & Cleanetto

Deciding whether to use Jobber or Cleanetto? We did the hard work for you, read on for our detailed comparison.


Ease of evaluation and sign up

Jobber is a platform designed to help small home service businesses manage their internal operations. Cleanetto is made to "turn your cleaning business from interchangeable to indispensable". Jobber's support page features a video manual that users can take the time to filter through in case they can find one that may apply to their needs. Cleanetto understands you’re busy running a business which is why they make it easy and convenient to schedule a guided demo. Both offer 14 day free trials, no credit card required.

Look and feel

Jobber has a fixed left-side navigation sidebar. Cleanetto is built using Material Design(the design language created and used by Google).

Feature set


Jobber has dashboard elements outlining daily workflow metrics. There is no way to change the time frame reported, see trends and drilling down takes you to a different page:

  • Recommended Actions
  • Outstanding Balances
  • Past Due Invoices
  • Upcoming Jobs
  • Assignemnts
  • Today's Hours

Cleanetto has dashboard elements for the following metrics with the ability to change time frame, see trends and view details in a pop up without having to navigate away:

  • Clients: active, paused, cancelled, leads. Conversion rate, paused rate and churn rates.
  • Cleaners: active, applied, checked, interviewed. Hire rate and churn rate.
  • Average rating and tips. Number of bookings with rating and tip.
  • Completed events, to clean, exceptions, cancellations. Exception rate and cancellation rate.
Cleanetto Dashboard

'Visits' is the term Jobber uses to reference any scheduled jobs or work for clients. The calendar has five views; the standard calendar view (week and month views), the list view, grid view and map view. In all views you can see visits, basic tasks, reminders, request and events (events are visible by everyone and can't be assigned to a specific user.)

You do have the option to use the filter button to customize your view. Action button allows you to create an item on the calendar. You can also view details by clicking on the item to view the basic information.

Calendar is color coded by the items outlined including visits, basic tasks, reminders, request and events.

Appointment status can be scheduled, completed or unassigned.

Jobber Calendar

Cleanetto calls things on the calendar "events". The calendar has one view (with day, week, month views). You can create and view events details. You can change the status of an event (the equivalent of clocking in/out), but cannot print route sheets or send work orders (cleaners use the Cleanetto Client app to view the jobs they need to complete, see below).

You can filter by client, cleaner and status. You cannot customize how the calendar elements are color coded.

Event status can be assigned, en route, started, finished, cancelled, exception.

Cleanetto Calendar

Jobber Reports page is broken into three categories: Financial Reports, Work Reports and Client Reports. Upon accessing the set of data that you need, you have the option to customize by date range such as start date, end date or a more specific frame of time. While all admin users are able to view reports, other users will need to be granted access by an admin through the Permission Controls.

Jobber Reports Page

Cleanetto has reports for Client and Cleaner sources and churn reasons, and client feedback. All the reports show both trends over time, and a list of the data in the trend.

Cleanetto's Report Page

Jobber's Map lives in the Calendar sub-menu. You cannot filter the map other than by day.

Jobber Map View

Cleanetto's Map can be filtered by day, cleaner, client and status. It can show events and it can show cleaners, based on when the last status update was made (for near-real-time tracking).

Cleanetto Map
Activity Feed

Jobber offers select plans the option to integrate an Activity Feed. This feed, accesisble only by admin users, will aggregate the 100 most recent updates regarding quotes, invoices, visits and notes.

Jobber Activity Feed

Cleanetto's Activity Feed is displays activity and allows you to search it.

Cleanetto's Activity Feed

Here's a comparison of what each feed displays:

Client List

Jobber allows you to organize your client index by either "People" or "Properties." The People list will allow you to search by client name whereas property list allows you to search by address. Property list will show you every property entered into Jobber sorted by property owner or company name. Note that you might see more items by property list as some clients may own multiple properties.  You can export contacts and download as a CSV or v file.

Jobber Client Index (Sorted by Property List)

Cleanetto calls people whose homes you clean "Clients". You can filter by status and you can search by any column. You can see a picture of the client (pictures are added automatically if the email has a publicly available avatar associated with it, or they can be updated manually by the client).

Cleanetto Client List
Client Profile

Jobber's client profiles consist of details outlining the addresses of properties serviced, quotes and jobs, reminders and billing history. You can also add any notes and attach documents, as well as view a history of correspondence via text and email since you began working with them.

Jobber Client Profile

Cleanetto's Client profile has a few different tabs where information cards are grouped. You can see the clients information, the service information, notes and pictures.

The notes can be either visible only to office staff or also visible by the cleaners. The pictures are uploaded by the cleaners in the Cleanetto Cleaner App.

Cleanetto Client Profile

In the client info there are fields for cancellation reason and feedback (which you can enter yourself or they can be populated by the answers to the cancellation process by the client).

To edit in Cleanetto, you click on the field you want to edit to turn that field editable.

Within the client profile you can do things like re-assign the client's cleaner, pause, edit and cancel service, skip days, and chat.

Employee List

Individuals assigned to complete scheduled jobs are referred to as "workers." You can assign and unassign tasks easiest through the map calendar view. To view daily activity assigned or completed for the day, admins can access what are called "Day Sheets." These reports will reflect information including job description, date of visit and time scheduled; along with client information, optional map of the location and line items per visit. There is a notes section which is only accessible if granted permission to view

Assigning Tasks (via map view)

Cleanetto calls people who clean homes "cleaners". The Cleaner list shows only cleaners (office staff management is in the Settings page). You can filter by status and you can add a cleaner.

You can also go to the Applicant Tracking board (more below).

Cleanetto Cleaner List
Employee Profile

Jobber does not have an employee profile. They do offer Day Sheets where team members can view their task for the day along with corresponding information.

Jobber Day Sheet

The Cleanetto Cleaner profile has tabs for basic information like contact details, pay rate, how they learned about the job or why they stopped working as well as all the information collected in their application (see below for Cleaner Applicant Registration), and any notes.

Booking List

Jobber clients can either request a booking online, via Facebook or can be submitted internally.

Jobber Booking Request List

Cleanetto's booking list shows all the bookings created either in the Cleanetto bokking form or internally by your office staff. You can see the status of each booking, view the subscription in Stripe and assign a cleaner or delete the booking.

Cleanetto Booking List

Jobber doesn't have a chat functionality.

Cleanetto's chat functionality allows you and your office staff to chat with each other, with clients and with cleaners, and allows both clients and cleaners to chat with each other through their apps. You'll see an "unread count" icon in the chat icon when you have unread messages and the chat list will show any unread conversations first.

When you get a new client or a new cleaner a new channel is created so all your office team can chat with them. Each message has a time stamp and the name and avatar of who sent it.

Cleanetto's Chat
Employee App

Jobber's employee app allows team members to view their schedules, clock in and out to complete tasks and send out invoicing.

The Cleanetto Cleaner app has a map-based interface where cleaners can see the events they need to clean and update their status. Each event card displays all the relevant information for that event, including notes and tasks.

There are sections for the cleaner to view available jobs (if you have the auto-assign functionality enabled), to chat with the clients they are assigned to or with the office team.

Client App

Jobber does not provide a client app.

Cleanetto's client app allows clients to view past and upcoming events, add tasks, chat with their cleaner, rate their service and provide feedback, update their information (like address, email, credit card, etc), pause and cancel service.


Cleanetto provide notifications for the following actions in the following channels:

Cleanetto Company Notifications
Cleanetto Client Notifications

Jobber doesn't provide a website for clients to access directly by themselves.

Cleanetto provides a website for both clients and cleaners. The website is managed by an in-house conversion rate optimization expert that continually tweaks it based on data gather across hundreds of websites to improve its conversion rate. It's hosted on a platform called Webflow. It can be modified and customized.

The lead collection fields in the above-the-fold area link to a) the back end by creating a lead in Cleanetto, b) the online booking form by pre-populating the form fields with the values entered in the first page and c) the marketing automation feature by triggering a lead nurture sequence if the visitors doesn't book.

The site has a main home page, a help page (with pre-populated help desk articles) and a cleaner applicant page.

Online Booking

Jobber allows you to customize your booking form. Requests can be made online, through a Facebook page and solidified through the Client Hub when invited by a team member.

Jobber Online Booking Form

Jobber Client Hub

Cleanetto has very little customization options because the form look field and functionality is managed by an internal conversion rate optimization expert with the goal to incrementially make improvements to convert more visitors into clients. This is how the Cleanetto online booking looks like:

Cleanetto Online Booking Form
Applicant Registration

Jobber does not provide an applicant registration form for potential employees to submit a job application.

Cleanetto's provide an applicant registration form that allows potential cleaners to provide the information required to apply for a job. The job asks for previous work experience and Cleanetto automatically sends an email and an sms to the previous employer asking them to rate the cleaner.

Cleanetto's Applicant Registration Form

This is what the former employer would see:

Referral Request Page
Applicant Tracker

Cleanetto provides a board where you can visually track each applicant as they move through the hiring process. The hiring steps are based on the best-practices for residential cleaning companies. You can view all the information from the applicant, drag-and-drop as you move them through the hiring process and trigger actions like generating employment agreements. Once you move them to the "hired" step their status changes to "Active" and you can see them in the Cleaner list.

Cleanetto's Applicant Tracking Board
Feedback, Rating, Tipping


Cleanetto provides the following automations:

  • Billing - automatic billing through Stripe, everything from one time to recurring charges and adding additioanl time. More info here.
  • Lead nurturing - automatically follow ups with website visitors that entered their info the the website but didn't book. More info here.
  • Cleaner assignment - assigning cleaners to jobs based on distance, availability and job preferences.
  • Arrival time update - notifying clients when their cleaner is running late.
  • Event exception management - when a cleaner cancels an event the client gets a notifiation with three buttons (add this visits time to the next scheduled visit, credit the visit, send backup).
  • Subscription life-cycle management (pause, skip, cancel)
  • Feedback Request - every billing cycle clients are asked for their feedback and rating.
Things you'll find in Jobber but not in Cleanetto.
Jobber isn't limited to just home cleaning as clients operate businesses across a variety of services from lawn maintenance to installation.
Things you'll find in Cleanetto but not in Jobber

Jobber doesn’t have a lot in terms of employee management. For example, it doesn’t have a cleaner applicant website, employee applicant form,  applicant tracking, or employee info on dashboard or reports.

Jobber doesn't host a website dedicated solely to clients and access to the Client Hub is by invitation only.


Jobber launched in 2011 and was developed to help streamline small business operations across a variety of service-based industries. They have a small team (~5). They are self-funded. They have a feature request site and a a roadmap site.

Cleanetto was founded in 2019 by current maid services owners. They have a bigger team (+20) across their engineering, product, design, data analysis, email marketing, conversion optimization and customer success teams. They are privately funded. They have a feature request site, a roadmap site, a changelog site, and an uptime and incident site.


Jobber has an active community of business owners in Facebook. Cleanetto does not have a Facebook community.


Jobber's price varies by the number of employees, starting with a monthly plan for for 1 user all the way up to $249 per month for up to 30 users.

Jobber Pricing

Cleanetto's price varies by the number of completed jobs in the month. It has three pricing tiers; $99 for up to 100 jobs, $249 for up to 250 jobs and $449 for more than 250 jobs.

Cleanetto Pricing

Here's a handy tool we put together to make pricing comparisons easier.


Jobber doesn not offer support through in-app chat.

Cleanetto offers customer supprot through in-app chat (powered by Intercom).


Both Cleanetto and Jobber allow you to download your client, employee and booking data.

Jobber operates payment processor via Jobber Card Reader which is availbale for purchase for $59.99 + shipping and tax.

CleanettoStripe uses Stripe as their payment processor so you can reconnect your Stripe account to another CRM if you want to switch.

Nathan Lowe

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