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Is your cleaning service interchangeable now?

The average US city has over 300 cleaning companies.  That means you and 299 other cleaning business owners are trying to get Susan to pick you to clean her home.  Why is yours different? Better? Indispensable?

absolutely necessary

You can become absolutely necessary.  The change from interchangeable to indispensable is easy; you just need to do the right things.  But doing them manually is hardly the right solution; things fall through the cracks and never get prioritized.
Sure, you can use booking software and piece together the whole thing but you end up with something that looks like your grandmas quilt, not the well-oiled customer acquisition and retention machine that you need.

You need a tool that is specifically made from the ground up to attract and retain recurring cleaning clients.  Something that helps you:

Can you afford Cleanetto?

You cannot not afford it.  

Do the math. How much is a client worth to you now? How much more would a client be worth if they stayed with you for 2x the amount of time? How about 3x? That’s free money. That’s thousands of dollars on the table, just go grab it.  💵💵.

Before spending money acquiring clients get Cleanetto to help you keep your clients longer before that money flies away 💸.

Don’t be afraid of the effort you need to plug the holes in your leaky bucket.

Companies of all sizes from sole operators to million dollars in revenue and beyond use Cleanetto to run their entire business.  Some were using other programs before some started with Cleanetto off the bat.  

“The hardest part about switching was getting over our fear of switching.”

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Sleep soundly knowing your data is always safe and always accessible.

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