All the tools you, your clients and your cleaners need,
nothing they don't.

Your Central Hub

The core component is your Cleanetto CRM, your secure, central database.

Share access with the rest of your team so everyone can be on the same page.
All the things a cleaning business needs, none it doesn't.
Works on desktop and mobile so you can work wherever work takes you.
Quick, chat-based support right in the web app.

The best website today, and tomorrow.

A modern, mobile-optimized website that keeps getting better over time as our optimization team learns what makes your clients convert.

Your website and booking form connect to each other seamlessly right out-of-the box so you can be online today.
Mobile First
80% of bookings happen on mobile devices. Your website performs as good on phones as it does on desktops.
One design that's proven to work but flexible enough to make your brand shine through.
Built and maintained by us so you have one point of contact for all your update needs.

Online Booking

Your branded, mobile-optimized online booking form is configurable to fit your business logic and gives potential clients an easy way to sign up for recurring service.


Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx once said “the information about the package is as important as the package itself”.  We believe that’s true in cleaning too; the information about the cleaning is as important about the cleaning.  Every step of the way from booking to review, and any hiccups in between, is communicated proactively, automatically and beautifully.

Notification we send:
  •   booking receipt
  •   booking confirmation
  •   booking paused
  •   booking cancelled
  •   booking reminder
  •   on my way
  •   started cleaning
  •   finished cleaning
  •   running late
  •   cleaning cancelled
  •   feedback request

Rating and Feedback

 Great communication forms strong relationships.  Especially in recurring cleaning, you need to know how your clients feel about your cleaners performance.  Cleanetto makes the feedback experience delightfully easy which means more feedback for you.

Applicant Tracking

Hiring one good cleaner is not easy, right? How about having to hire 20? Or 30? Keeping track of each stage of he hiring process can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right tools, that’s why we have an integrated Applicant Tracking board you can see exactly where each of your applicants is in your hiring process, see all their details and keep all your admn team on the same page.

Dashboards and reports

Get the data you need to run a tight ship; from timesheet reports to daily dashboards.

Subscription metrics

Start running your business like the subscription revenue machine that it is. To do that you need to know metrics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn rate, average revenue per use (ARPU) and customer life time value (LTV). Because of our unique integration with Stripe you can get those metrics. Knowing how much a customer is worth to you means you can know how much you can spend to acquire one.

Activity Feed

Get up-to-date information on every single thing happening throughout the day so you can know who is doing what and get ahead of potential problems before they creep up.

Can't see the feature you are looking for?

If we don't yet have it, we'll build it for you.  We love doing custom development, making Cleanetto fit your particular business needs fit like a glove.

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Your calendar has daily, weekly, monthly and dispatch views. Filter by cleaner, client and status. Color-coding makes it easy to see status at a glance. Print route sheets (old school style!)

Your calendar has daily, weekly, monthly and dispatch views
Filter by cleaner, client and status
Color-coding makes it easy to see status at a glance
Print route sheets (old school style!)
Smart Availability
Manage daily availability and exceptions

Live Tracking

Know where your cleaners are during the day, follow them as they move around from cleaning to cleaning and review historical trip data so you can know exactly the route they took.


A complete, secure, multi-featured chat service including typing indicators, time stamps and avatars.

Client & Cleaner
Clients can chat directly with their cleaner.
Cleaner & Office
A channel where you and your staff can chat with each cleaner individually.
Client & Office
You and your staff can chat with each client individually.
Cleaner Group
A group where all cleaners and all office staff can chat together.


In Cleanetto invoicing is not something you do, it’s something that’s done.  Because of our super tight integration with Stripe you never have to make an invoice again.


Your Cleanetto account can be customized to fit your specific needs. Do you charge by the hour or a flat rate? Do you pay your cleaners an hourly wage or a percentage of the job? Do you take bookings on the weekends too or just weekdays? Customize Cleanetto to fit your exact needs.


Use one Cleanetto account to service multiple locations, each with their set of rates and cleaners. Expand across town or across the world. Now that you’ll spend less time working in your business and spend time working on your business you might need to open other locations.


Configure your services and rates to your specific needs so you can sell your services exactly how you want. Chose from hourly or flat rates by the number of beds/baths or size. Add extras and frequency discounts.

An app for everyone

Tools for everyone, to do everything, from anywhere.


It’s 2020, everyone is using smart phones and we just sent another rocket with astronauts to the space station; why can’t your CRM update the arrival time and notify the client if the cleaner is running late?

see all automations


The best way to get the results you want is to align actions with incentives.  Do you want to reduce late arrivals? Offer an incentive to arrive on time.  Do you want to get cleaners to do an amazing job? Offer an incentive for 5-star ratings.  Set the incentives and their amounts and Cleanetto will keep track and automatically notify you and your cleaners.  It will even nudge them to avoid doing things that would make them lose an incentive.

on-time arrival
no cancellations
5-star reviews

Extend Cleanetto with Integrations

The gold standard in cleaning tech stack for cleaning companies starts with Cleanetto and continues with: 


Cleanetto is the only Stripe Verified cleaning CRM partner, with the deepest integration.

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Cleanetto is the only cleaning CRM certified as a Gusto Partner. Create employees and run payroll in under 60 seconds.

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Cleanetto is the only cleaning CRM certified as a Mailchimp Partner which means your marketing automation campaigns run smoothly.

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Connect to over 1,500 other apps with a few clicks.


Use our open API and connect your Cleanetto account to fit your exact needs.