Mobile App for Admins

Manage your cleaning business on the go with our mobile app for admins only - no more screen squinting

What is this?

The power of your desktop view in the palm of your hand. Owners and admins can now do everything they could from their desktop on our user-friendly mobile app.

Why did we build it?

Trying to manage cleaning business on a phone's web browser, instead of an app, is like trying to watch a movie on an Apple watch. Sometimes there's going to be an emergency and you won't be near a computer. With our Cleanetto mobile app, you don't have to use a tiny phone browser to solve your problem.

We built the app for admins because it makes everything you do on a mobile web browser much easier to do.

What can you do with it?

🧍 View your client and cleaner list (and view client/cleaner contact info).

📋 View your Today screen

Check your Activity Feed

💬 Chat with your clients and cleaners

View add end edit bookings

🗓️ View your team schedule

How is it different than others?

Other companies claim, "you can manage your business from anywhere in the world." While this may be partly true, they don't have an app that can be used on any mobile device. Most software companies are referring to the capability of logging into your account through a browser.  With Cleanetto, you can download your admin app and quickly solve any unexpected problem.

Some CRM's have pretty good admin apps, like Jobber, for example. Other apps, like the Zenmaid or L27 apps are buggy, look like they were made 20 years ago and their user interface is usually pretty crappy. The Cleanetto app for admin is available in four languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese) and comes in both light and dark modes.

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