Benefits of Business Intelligence for Cleaning Businesses

If you’re trying to launch a cleaning business or expand your existing services, you’ll want to make use of the right business intelligence. Keep reading on!

If you're trying to launch a cleaning business or expand your existing services, you'll want to make use of the right business intelligence. These days, you can easily integrate cleaning business software into your daily operations without having extensive tech know-how.

The benefits of incorporating this into your operations are tenfold, especially if you know how it works.

What Business Intelligence Means

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technological approach that makes it possible for your business to obtain, analyze, and interpret information.

For cleaning businesses, this means being able to collect necessary client data, take inventory of your supplies and employees, and keep a record of every cleaning job.

How It Can Improve Your Cleaning Business

There are many ways you can benefit from the right cleaning business software.

1 - Increases Efficiency

Business Intelligence eliminates the tedious manual processes that slow down your cleaning business. It gathers and stores large amounts of data that you can use to pinpoint where and how your business can improve. It also makes it possible for you to get instant reports regarding the productivity of your operations.

The real boon here is that all of this is unified in one platform and can be accessed in real-time. This means you don't have to hold as many meetings, it is easier for everyone to stay aligned with each other, and you have an easy reference to track changes.

2 - Enhances Customer Satisfaction

The kind of data you can get with business intelligence allows you to understand your clients better and provide them with the most satisfying performance. For starters, you'll be able to improve customer retention by determining the services that are most useful for your clients and which ones can be improved or eliminated.

Aside from this, you will also be able to see what areas require more attention based on the priorities of your customer base. It's basically about keeping your existing customers and making them more likely to recommend your services to new potential customers.

3 - Increases Marketability

In a way, business intelligence also works as a marketing tool. You get to pinpoint the strengths of your business and figure out the general perception and habits of your target market.

You can make use of your business intelligence to do data analysis and inform your campaign's direction. This way, you can cater your marketing efforts to potential consumers who are likely to make use of your services.

4 - Improves Cost Control

Expense management is an integral part of running a cleaning business. It helps you plan the quarterly budget and spot potential red flags. This is especially crucial if the company is new, as you will want to be careful when spending resources to avoid breaking the bank.

With reliable data and accessible tools, you should be able to allocate your budget wisely and with more confidence. You will have actual information to use as a basis on what areas require the most financial attention.


Incorporating business intelligence into your cleaning business is a proven way to improve operations. It allows you to reduce the tedious manual processes, better understand your customer base, and manage your business efficiently.

If you’re looking for the best CRM for a cleaning company, then Cleanetto is your best bet. Based in New York, NY, we can empower your business to keep better track of all your clients, cleaner information, billing, and history. Contact us to get started!

Lacy Lowe

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