Cleaning Checklist Inspiration

We scoured the interwebs to bring you some of the most comprehensive checklists in the cleaning industry

Developing your own cleaning checklist for your business can be very overwhelming!

Do I need a checklist for every service I offer? How detailed should it be? Is it beneficial for my clients?

Creating a checklist from scratch is a tedious task. The hardest part is deciding what you're NOT going to offer.

We thought you might need a little inspiration to get started. So we scoured the interwebs to bring you some of the prettiest, most detailed cleaning checklists that we could find!

All Checklists

These cleaning companies show all of their service checklists on one page. Putting it all in one centralized location keeps your customer from bouncing all over your website to find what they need.

Broom Denver

Cottage Care

Deserved Comfort


Extreme Maids

Maid Brigade

Maid Complete

Maid to Shine

Maids to Match


The Moxie Maids

Think Maids

Synergy Maids

Standard Cleaning Checklists

These cleaning checklists will showcase what's included in a typical recurring cleaning. It's always recommended to start off your services with a Deep Cleaning before offering this service.

Boardwalk Cleaning Company

Dallas Maids

Hubbards Maid Service

Maid in Nola

Neko Blue Cleaning Service

Planet Maids

Deep Cleaning Checklists

Great for new customers - especially if you don't perform in-home estimates. This checklist is a top-to-bottom scrub of the entire home and will get customer's homes prepared for your recurring services.

Always Clean

Boardwalk Cleaning Company

Hubbards Maid Service

Maid in Nola

Neko Blue Cleaning Service

Planet Maids

Move-in/out Cleaning Checklists

Exactly as it sounds. The cleaning right before or after your customer moves. These typically include items like inside cabinets and inside appliances.

Always Clean

Boardwalk Cleaning Company

Maid in Nola

Neko Blue Cleaning Service

Planet Maids

Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklists

One of the hardest checklists to develop since every Vacation Rental Owner has their own methods. Some want linens completed, some one inventory re-stocked, and others need outside patios wiped down. These are a good start.

Eloise's Cleaning Services

Merit Maids

Planet Maids

What's Not Included

Create a "Not Included" Checklist to be even more clear with all your clients. That way when Karen complains about your team missing the ceiling fans in her standard cleaning you can quickly pull up your "Not Included" checklist (that she received a copy of) and show her that it was not included but that you'd be happy to add it on to her cleaning for an extra charge if she's interested.

Superb Maids

Having a checklist on hand will keep every party on the same page and avoid any confusion. Take your time and use the above inspiration to help build your own checklist from scratch. It's something you can always improve on.

Check back intermittently, this is a developing post and will be added to on a regular basis.

Nathan Lowe

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