7 Ways a Cleaning Management Software Can Help a Business

Windows are a crucial design element for any building because it accentuates the overall design. For this reason, they need to be cleaned and maintained at all costs. It's for this reason that window maintenance companies exist.

Windows are a crucial design element for any building because it accentuates the overall design. For this reason, they need to be cleaned and maintained at all costs. It's for this reason that window maintenance companies exist. However, a business can only do so much, and the day-to-day events might become too much to bear. Luckily, cleaning management software can help.

A cleaning management software is precisely what it sounds like: software that can help manage a cleaning business. This software can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the cleaning company's scheduling, effectiveness, and efficiency. If you still have reservations about getting one, you should know that you'll reap nothing but good things from it. We'll discuss some of the most apparent benefits of cleaning management software, so read on below to get started.

#1 - Optimizes Scheduling

Before this software, the only way to schedule was manual, forcing the business owner to move and check things in person constantly. This became a chore and greatly affected the owner's quality of life. Now that the software exists, scheduling can be made easier and better. The business owner can sit in their home office or any other convenient place while doing the work.

#2 - Streamlines the Workflow

Without a clean workflow, your business can't run smoothly. Cleaning management software can help you establish a good workflow. The software can help you integrate all the different cleaning tasks into one. All you need to do is tell the software which jobs you want to get done, and the software will help you create a checklist while assigning them to the right employees.

#3 - Real-Time Tracking

When a cleaning service uses cleaning management software, they can track their work in real-time. This means that workers can keep track of the jobs waiting for them at any given time. If the employee is in the middle of another job, they can use the software to mark it as "in progress" until they're done with the other task.

#4 - Improved Inventory Management

Like any other business, a cleaning company needs to keep a good inventory of its supplies and products. Using the software, business owners can keep track of the number of supplies they have left in their inventory. This way, they can order additional supplies when they need to.

The software can also help them ensure that the workers are using the right product for a cleaning job. This means that the workers won't be using the wrong product.

#5 - More Accurate Estimates and Quotes

Estimates and quotes are essential to any business. You can't simply give the client an estimate on a vague idea. The cleaning company needs to know how much time the job will take and how much supplies they need to use.

Cleaning management software can help make estimates easier to provide. The software can help the workers automatically enter the time it takes to do each task, which gets them the data they need to give the clients a reasonable estimate.

#6 - Instant Invoicing

Invoicing is vital because it helps you collect payments and track what you owe. With the software, you can have the workers mark down what they did in each job and the number of hours they spent on the job. You need to add up all the time they've spent on each job, and the software can do the rest of the work.

#7 - Simplifies Reporting

Some of the jobs that get done by a cleaning company are unpredictable. With cleaning management software, reports can be generated easily. The business owner can give the workers a report, and they can quickly generate the numbers they need to create a report. If a job gets complicated, the software can help the workers document their problems for future improvement.


Every business will give you a unique set of specialized needs. This is why it's vital to find cleaning management software tailored to the cleaning business. There are many options available, so it'll just take a bit of research to find the right one for your business. You'll have little to no problems running your cleaning business when you have one.

If you're looking for cleaning business software, Cleanetto is the one for you! We understand the needs of cleaning businesses, so our solutions are tailored to make things easier without sacrificing quality. Contact us today and allow us to revitalize your operations!

Miguel Zabludovsky

I help cleaning company owners get to +$1MM in revenue, primarily through software (Cleanetto).

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