Why Get Janitorial Software With an Online Booking System

If you want to free your team from administrative duties and focus on the core of your business, then janitorial software is a must. Read on to learn more!

If your business is operating in the janitorial business, you must look for ways to optimize your process and increase productivity. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that this is possible by using appropriate tools like janitorial software with an online booking system. But before you implement such software, it is important to understand how it enhances various operational levels of the company.

Here are five reasons you should invest in a janitorial software in an online booking feature.

1. Reach a Wider Market

The goal of a commercial cleaning contract is to find long-term clients. However, you are in for some competition. With janitorial software that comes with an online booking system, you get to deliver more convenience to your clients.

Convenience is a big deal, especially if you can offer more of it than the competition. Remember, clients who book online value convenience and their time. They are also the ones who are more willing to pay for a premium service.

Janitorial software with online booking can be your selling feature; you can use it as an advantage against the competition.

2. Keep Up With Your Clients’ Changing Needs

As a janitorial company, you deal with your clients regularly. You need to be consistent at all times. However, certain changes or fluctuations are unavoidable; it could be a client renovating their area of business, while one may have sudden changes with their needs.

With software, you can record these changes and requests. You also get to stay on top of that customer relationship.

3. Help Your Business Grow

With janitorial software, you have a complete record of everything that has to do with your business. In turn, this will deliver positive results to your customer service. For example, the software can help you track the time it takes to close new clients.

Another thing is, the software can give you a clear picture of the number of jobs each team completes a day. This will show you the easiest types of jobs to carry out and the ones that earn you more profit.

4. Save More Time

As a business owner, it’s common to wear many hats, especially if you’re new to this. The beauty of a janitorial software is that it generates insights into your business quickly. As a result, this can help you prioritize things that matter to your business. Instead of checking things every day, you can get ahead of your schedule and plan your tasks accordingly.

Some applications let you view your cleaners remotely. Some even come with accounting and management features. All of these things can help you save more time and money in the long run!

5. Improves Communication

Communication is important if you want to grow your cleaning business, and it’s not only about customer service.

With janitorial service, you can facilitate better communication with your clients. It can help filter out messages and sort the important ones. Moreover, you can even create personalized criteria based on priority levels.


If you want to free your team from administrative duties and focus on the core of your business, then janitorial software is a must. Furthermore, it allows efficient operations and saves time and money.

Cleanetto is the best business cleaning software you can have for your business today. We will help you make things easier on your end and for your clients as well. Get started with us today!

Lacy Lowe

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