Mobile App for Clients

Convenient way for customers to reschedule bookings, message with their cleaners & revise their payment info

What is this?

An app specifically designed for your busy customers to access their upcoming cleanings. Now available on the iOS and Google Play store

Why did we build it?

To empower customers and help reduce admin work. Customers, without an easy way to access their cleanings, will constantly bombard your phone or email with easily answerable questions like, "What time is my cleaning? I need to reschedule. Please tell the cleaners to focus on the baseboards." These are all issues that your customers can easily solve by logging into their app.

What can you do with it?

Spend less time completing silly tasks and updating customers' accounts and more time growing your cleaning business. Your customers can now update payment information, add extras, cancel or reschedule cleanings, communicate with cleaners, edit contact information, refer their friends, and so much more with their handy-dandy app.

🗓️ View your schedule (as a list or map)

🧽 Create a new booking (or pause or cancel and existing one).

Check your Activity Feed

💬 Chat with your cleaner and company support team

💰 View your invoices

⭐ Give feedback, rate and tip.

💳 Update your credit card

How is it different than others?

Other booking softwares offer a customer portal, but one that can only be accessed on a browser and is not always mobile-friendly. Squinting at a customer profile on a tiny phone screen that was designed for a browser can be frustrating. And trying to make changes to your cleaning is next to impossible - the customer will revert to just calling or emailing.

The Cleanetto app for clients is available in four different languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) and comes in both light and dark modes.

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