Allow your clients to give honest feedback about their cleaning without impacting your social presence

What is this?

A customer is prompted after each cleaning, "How likely are you to recommend your cleaner?" They're also given the opportunity to add a tip to the cleaning.

Why did we build it?

When a customer has a negative experience, their first instinct is to vent about it. "Ugh! I can't believe they missed the baseboards!" Catching them with a quick feedback form, before they can get on Google, will give you the opportunity to correct the situation. On the flip side, when you provide an excellent service it's like pulling teeth for someone to leave a 5-star review. That's why we give them a little nudge when they leave positive feedback, "Would you mind sharing your experience with other potential users on Google or Yelp?"

What can you do with it?

Gather important negative and positive feedback about cleanings to help you monitor your cleaning team's quality. Turn a bad cleaning experience into an excellent customer service experience. Allow upset customers to express themselves while giving you the opportunity to "make it right" before it goes public. Automate your follow-up system and obtain more 5-star reviews on social platforms like Google. Gently nudge customers to thank their cleaners by opening their wallets.

How is it different than others?

Instead of a simple ranking system from 1-5 stars, we allow our customers to answer a multiple-choice question and add any notes for the cleaner's improvement. Our feedback form balances the line between "too detailed to fill out" and "simple enough to complete in a few seconds."

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