Checklists: Cleanetto vs. The Competition

A modern solution to checklists for modern cleaning companies

Our checklist feature offers the ultimate solution for cleaning business owners. It creates a unique, real-time experience for your customers while simultaneously giving your cleaners a convenient way to track their cleaning progress.

In this article, you'll discover how our checklist feature stacks up against other maid business software:

  • BookingKoala - Comparable to Cleanetto's checklist features with a few minor tweaks.
  • Launch27 - Uses a checklist feature (for mobile-only) that users "have never gotten to work properly."
  • Zenmaid - Not officially a part of the booking software, but has devised a few "workarounds" that seem to get the job done.
  • Cleanetto - Handy and automated feature that is easy to customize for your business.

Checklists are essential to the success of your cleaning business - let's see how other maid business softwares are trying to solve your checklist needs.


Comparing BookingKoala to Cleanetto is like comparing Lebron James to Michael Jordan. They both are amazing basketball players that have earned the respect of their fans and competition.

Each one will win you a championship - they just have a different style of play.

We're not here to solve the life-long argument of who's the best basketball player to ever hit a buzzer-beating fader in game 6. We just want to give you the facts and let you decide which one is a better fit for you.

When it comes to a checklist feature, BookingKoala is very similar to Cleanetto.

BookingKoala Checklist Feature
Cleanetto Checklist Feature

Launch 27

To be fair, L27 was an excellent software for cleaning business owners, when it was owned by Rohan. New ownership has lost sight of their customer's needs and is more focused on their new payment processor.

A great example of this is their Resource Center. Searching for a checklist feature within their "knowledge base" only generates two posts: "Launch 27 Pay Application" and "Checklist for Migrating to L27 Pay."

Reading these articles proves that L27 is interested in using checklists for its own benefit - to help them, help you start using their payment processor - not to help your cleaning business grow.

They do offer a checklist feature (for mobile use only) that seems to be more of a pain than a solution. The owners don't seem to have any intention of updating this feature anytime soon.

L27 Facebook Group


Have you ever used MailChimp?

Mailchimp is a basic software that offers a simple, effective way to "get started" with email marketing. While it's great for beginners, it lacks quite a few features that are essential for business growth.

Zenmaid reminds me of Mailchimp. It's a great resource for new cleaning business owners, but its lack of robust features may limit your growth.

Currently, there is no straightforward checklist feature. However, they have developed a "workaround" that can be time-consuming and confusing to set up properly.

Here's an article highlighting how they accomplish the checklist workaround with "Job Estimations."

Essentially you can create line items that are then included in work order emails and the cleaners can see them on the mobile app (without price). The line items are based on checklists and extras that you may charge.

You can also pair lists or standard items using Appointment Custom Fields. The fields are also included in work order emails and the cleaners can see them on the mobile app.

No more paper-wasting checklists -use our modern approach to checklists

*Uses a workaround to add your own checklist. Not a built-in feature of the software

Start your 7-day free trial today discover the power of a virtual checklist.

Don't have a checklist for your cleaning business? Use our Guide to Checklists to ensure your team never gets called back for re-cleans.

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