Tagging: Cleanetto vs the competition

Cleanetto is the only CRM that allows you to tag your clients, cleaners and bookings and use them to filter everything.

What is Tagging?

Tagging helps you make your software more your software.

By tagging your clients, cleaners and bookings you can make managing a growing business easier and get ahead of problems.

For example, if you have a company that services commercial and residential clients, you can create a tag called "commercial" and a tag called "residential" and then use those to filter your calendar so you see only your commercial events or only your residential events.

Or you can create a tag called "VIP" and apply it to bookings you want to have your team give a personalized attention to. Your team can then filter the calendar and see VIP events and focus on those.

Different CRM's offer different levels of functionality when it comes tagging.


When looking at the Tagging functionality of a CRM you want to make sure that it gives you flexibility to offer:

  • tag every type of record (clients, cleaners, bookings)
  • use tags to filter your lists
  • ability to color code your tags
  • easy of set up

How the options stack up


In short: Zenmaid and BookingKoala don't have any tagging functionality at all. Launch27 lets you tag Clients only and doesn't offer a tag filter in the client list. Jobber lets you tag clients (can't chose a color) and let's you filter the client list by tags but doesn't let you tag or filter cleaners or bookigns (well, they call them "visits"). Cleanetto lets you tag your clients, cleaners and bookings (with a choice of your colors!) and then let's you filter those lists and the calendar using those tags.


Lets you tag clients and cleaners, and then displays those tags in the client list but doesn't allow you to filter that list by tags. No tags for bookings.

"vip" tag added easily (but no color flexibility)
displays tags in your client list but can't filter by tags


Zenmaid doesn't allow you to apply tags to employees, contacts or bookings, and has no filtering functionality.


BookingKoala doesn't allow you to apply tags to customers, providers, or bookings and has no filtering functionality.


Jobber allows you to tag your clients and then to filter your client list using the tags you created. You can't tag cleaner or visits (the equivalent of Cleanetto's bookings:

a client with tag "VIP"
if you click on the "VIP" tag you'll get only VIP clients.

How we look at this feature at Cleanetto

At Cleanetto, we built our Tagging functionality to be powerful, yet simple and flexible.

You can tag clients, cleaners and bookings with their own set of tags and then you can filter the client, cleaner and booking lists using any combination of tags (for example, you could filter bookings tagged "VIP" and "First time"), you can also filter your calendar with any tag belonging to any client, cleaner, or booking.

As we continue working on this feature, we will add the ability to automate the tagging using rules you set..

example of tagging and filtering clients

Nathan Lowe

👋 I'm Nathan - the director of content for Cleanetto. After learning how to automate two cleaning businesses I want to teach you how to do the same without losing your hair.

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